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My Vision

My vision is to teach everything a student will need to be a modern drummer. From my years of experience in teaching and performing, I will set everyone who enters The Drum Room on a journey to successfully learn this amazing musical instrument. Most of all I guarantee every student will have a lot of fun in every lesson they step into.
Yamaha Music Points and Music Schools have been successfully delivering and developing a high standard of teaching across the UK for over 45 years. Finely tuned resources and teaching methods allow the enjoyment and high achieving outcomes to go hand in hand. At The Drum Room, every lesson is prepared and intricately planned in advance for each student’s development whilst integrating the studio’s fully “decked out” Yamaha equipment.


Group students 7+ years old & upwards (groupings will be age and ability appropriate)

1 to 1 5+ years old & upwards


All abilities are welcome from beginner / intermediate /advanced / audition preparation.


All resources are aimed at improving dexterity, co-ordination, listening skills and musicianship.

Preparation work towards exams is available through the Yamaha and RSL (Rockschool) syllabus.

The examinations are not compulsory.



Group tuition (1 hour duration) = £14.00 per student (4 in a group)

1 to 1 (30 mins duration) = £16.00

1 to 1 (60 mins duration) = £32.00

*Prices to be reviewed annually in line with the Musicians Union recommended fees.



the drumroom 

Yamaha Music Point Sessions!

Check out Sebastian, Nathaniel, Josh and Isaac performing a little section of a piece from the Yamaha syllabus and smashing it! As a group they have grown together in a very short time and I'm very proud of what they have achieved. The piece they are performing is a...

Yamaha Roadshow!!

Yesterday, I had a fantastic time promoting next weeks free taster sessions at The Drum Room! I was privileged to have the fantastic Martin Gallagher from Yamaha Music Schools whipping the school children into a frenzy with a brilliant interactive showcase...

Aaron has Grade 5 In The Pocket!!

Aaron started with me as an absolute beginner, and what seems like a very short period of time has turned into a technical power house on the drums! Gaining a merit in Grade 5 Rockschool is no small feat and I'm very proud of him in putting in the work always with a...

Grace Nailing Grapevine!!

Grace has been working hard on this classic piece by Marvin Gaye which forms part of her Grade 2 Rockschool syllabus...Safe to say she gave a great performance keeping a cool head along with even cooler shades!! Grace is extremely musical and likes a variety of...

Josh Smashing it!

Immensely proud of one of my students Josh, who has just mastered his latest Yamaha "Drum Encounters" backing track and played it with great confidence and precision. He is so happy with himself! Well done buddy!

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