Djembe Project

Co-ordinate your mind and body whilst learning the dancing drums of Africa!

The Djembe drums from West Africa are one of the oldest forms of percussive instruments and have only in the last twenty years become prolific in the Western World. Enjoy music as whole group with arrangements consisting of poly-rhythms, chances to improvise and dance of you wish!

Space Needed:
Conference Room

Group Numbers:
Minimum 10 / Maximum 40

Tailored to each individual group booking – learning, practising and performing arrangements. Each individual member of the group will have an integral role to play with often one rhythm per person. A recording of the performance will be given to you at the end of the project session.

Listening skills / Concentration skills / Leadership skills / Teamwork / Creativity / Problem solving / Co-ordination skills / Time management / Confidence Building

Supplied by Rick Hughes

Half Day(3 hours): £225.00 
Full Day(5 hours): £350.00